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Tanker 8 on it's way home
Thu. Jan 7th 2010


Capt. McKenzie and Chief Engineer Porter completed the final inspection on Tanker 8 today at Alexis Fire in Alexis, IL. The tanker is a 2009 International 7400 with 330hp. The Fire body consists of a 3,000 gallon elliptical tank with a 2.5inche rear tank fill and a 4 inch rear tank fill. It is also equipped with an air actuated rear dump with directional tubing. The body also has 2 large compartments that will hold 2 air packs, fittings, and some fire hand tools. There is a 3000gallon drop tank mounted in a manual rack on the officer’s side of the vehicle. It is also equipped with a custom hose tray on the driver side with section for 200ft of 1 3/4th attack line, and 25ft of 4inche fill hose. The visual warning system is a Whelen LED light package. It is also equipped with Grover Air horns and a Federal Signal PA300 Electronic siren. 
We would like to extend a very large thank you to staff at Alexis fire and our salesman Harry Sutphen for assisting us and making the tanker even better than what we had hoped for. We would truly like to thank the crew that came together at the last minute to get the hose tray reconfigured at the last minute. We would also like to thank the crew that trained us on the pump and the air dumping system in the zero degree weather and snow conditions. 
The Tanker should be home in the Firehouse Monday and will be placed in service by our firefighters as Tanker 8 hopefully that evening and be making runs for many years to come. MORE PHOTO'S IN PHOTO GALLERY