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Fri. Jul 19th 2013
In Early Spring Engine 1 a 1997 E-one Cyclone Custom Pumper was involved in a non-injury single vehicle accident responding to a fire call.  With the amount of damage to the vehicle the Board of Trustees choose to replace the vehicle.  We have on order a 2013 Sutphen Rescue Pumper wit...
Sat. Dec 10th 2011
On Saturday night our department gathered for our yearly Christmas safety dinner.  The Members received Jackets as a token of appreciation from the Fire Department.  There also was several awards given out for years of service with 2 being given for over 30 years service to the fire depart...
Sun. Jul 3rd 2011
Our department has been running a Jr. Firefighter program for many years. This program is for teens that are interested in the fire service to be able to come into the department receive training and assist in non life threatening situations.  Recently the Kentucky Fire Commission created stand...
Thu. Mar 11th 2010
Ladder 5 made It home on Friday  March 5 , with FF'S training on it all day Friday and Saturday and Monday evening.. The FF'S are getting equipment mounted on the truck and getting It really to put in service.
Fri. Feb 26th 2010
Ladder 5 is almost complete members conducted the final inspection today and found the apparatus to be almost complete.  They will be finishing some minor details on the truck with delivery to take place on friday with three days of training to follow.  
Wed. Jan 20th 2010
Today we received some pictures of Ladder 5 from Sutphen. They have the body mounted and have some of the lettering completed.
Mon. Jan 11th 2010
Tanker 8 made its way home monday evening.  Capt. Mckenzie and Chief Engineer Porter went over the apparatus with everyone that night as they placed it in service. 
Thu. Jan 7th 2010
  Capt. McKenzie and Chief Engineer Porter completed the final inspection on Tanker 8 today at Alexis Fire in Alexis, IL. The tanker is a 2009 International 7400 with 330hp. The Fire body consists of a 3,000 gallon elliptical tank with a 2.5inche rear tank fill and a 4 inch rear tank...
Tue. Jan 5th 2010
Chief Engineer Ricky Porter and Capt. W. McKenzie stoped at Sutphen to check on Ladder 5 on the way to Alexis, IL to do the final inspection on Tanker 8.  Check back tommorow for pictures of Tanker 8 tommorow evening. Also we will be hopefully posting some pictures thursday evening of the pump ...
Sun. Jan 3rd 2010
This week Capt. McKenzie and Chief Engineer Porter will be traveling to Alexis, IL to do a final inspection on the new Tanker 8 with delivery to follow.  The truck was purchased as a package with a Sutphen SL75 ladder truck which we should also be taking delivery of in the early spring.&nb...
Mon. Sep 21st 2009
Our members have been training to the Haz-mat operations and awarness level.
Fri. Sep 11th 2009
On Friday Chief McDowell, Capt. McKenzie, Chief Eng. Porter, & Eng Sager meet with Sutphen in columbus to over the specifications before production began on our ladder truck.  We had a very productive day and it is looking like aprox 12months we will have the truck in station.  Members...
Tue. Jul 21st 2009
With the production about to begin on our 2009 Sutphen Ladder.  Members had the privilige to meet with Salesman Harry Sutphen who brought a SL75 demo truck by the station so members could go over the truck and start getting ideas together for our upcoming prebuild meeting on the truck.  We...
Tue. Jun 16th 2009
Over the weekend Capt. Mckenzie and FF Adkins Attended training in Lexington, KY.  They trained on Elevator emergencies with Lexington FD Ladder 2 on Friday.  They received some very good training that will benefit the whole department.  On Saturday and Sunday they attended Aircraft F...
Mon. Jun 15th 2009
Several changes have occurred in our ranks.  Asst. Chief Bullion has decided that it was time to step down to the position of Engineer.  Which lead to the following changes Asst. Chief Trimble 95-03, Capt. Porter 95-04,  Capt. Vanhoose 95-05, Capt. Dudding 95-06, Capt. Mckenzie 9507, ...
Sat. May 9th 2009
On the morning of May 8th our Chief Engineer Dave Isaacs passed away after a long battle with cancer.  He began his career with us in mid 1975 as firefighter.  He rose threw the ranks to fill the position of Chief Engineer and held the position until he stepped down due to medical pro...
Tue. May 5th 2009
At the monthly board meeting bids were opened on the ladder truck and tanker.  One bid was recieved from Sutphen/Alexis.  It was determined this was the best option for our department so the bid was awarded for the purchase of a Mid-mount 75ft Sutphen ladder truck with a 2000gpm Hale pump ...
Wed. Feb 25th 2009
This weekend Capt. McKenzie, FF Marsee, FF Hanners, and FF Fletcher will be attending Officer School in Lexington,KY.  They will be attending leadership training, safety officer officer training, and other advanced subjects they also will be attending a session on grant writing in preparation f...
18 entries the in News